Software at your service

Create cross-platform software that works for your business needs and accelerates your digital transformation process using a wide variety of technologies and programming languages.

High-Quality Only

Our QA and test engineers are continuously and thoroughly testing any software we develop early in the development process to catch and remedy any potential defects before production.

With experience in all main testing types, our engineers are able to run functional and non-functional tests, such as unit, integration, system, acceptance, usability, performance, load testing, and more.

Advanced DevOps

By following the best practices for development and deployment, we are able to regularly run automated tests and automatically deploy updates to your servers securely.

Furthermore, by using version control software, such as Git, we are able to provide you with backups and an ability to rollback changes.

Risk Mitigation and Security

We use various tools for testing against known vulnerabilities, automatic and manual code inspection, enabling us to check for and patch potential vulnerabilities in any software we develop before production.

Ongoing Support

Receive ongoing technical support and maintenance for any software we develop and fixes for any software nonconformities discovered even after delivery and production.

By establishing a tailor-made maintenance plan that works for your business needs, we are able to provide long-term support based on well-defined service level agreements.

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