Versacode can help you fix common sys-admin related connection refused, connection timed out and/or 500 internal server errors. If you are encountering one of these, our team can look into your server logs to determine the exact cause and fix the problem. Versacode can also help you fix errors that prevent services from starting.

Since our team is experienced with web development, we can help you fix your internal server errors even if they are code-related in case your website was written in a language we support.
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Versacode can help you install and configure software packages on your server including mail servers, web servers, and database servers. We can help you install a specific website software and configure your server as necessary for the software to work properly.

Common examples of such tasks include: installing control panel software and adjusting system scheduled tasks.


If you are migrating from a server to another, Versacode can help you migrate the files and packages necessary for the operation of your websites and services.

Versacode can also help you modify your DNS settings so that your domain points to your new server, and will ensure that your websites work properly before changing the DNS settings to prevent downtime.

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