HTML is the standard markup language to provide elements for web pages.

Versacode uses the most suitable HTML elements together with CSS containers and grid systems to deliver content for your website in a responsive design fashion that displays properly on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Bootstrap

  • Semantic UI

  • Material


JavaScript is the perfect tool to implement dynamic changes to a website. Versacode uses JavaScript only when necessary, and considers compatibility for your website with browsers that do not support JavaScript.

Examples of systems that use JavaScript include: searchbox suggestions, submitting forms and navigating without page refresh and scrolling animations.

  • jQuery

  • PhantomJS

  • Node.js


Versacode can help you build from a simple PHP script up to complex systems for your website. Versacode uses the best practices and runs vulnerability tests against the developed software before delivering your code.

Examples of systems that we develop on PHP include: login/account systems , billing systems and anti-spam systems. We can also help you build PHP scripts that automate tasks.

  • Laravel

  • Yii

  • CakePHP

Open Source

Versacode is familiar with various open source and content management software (CMS) which can be optionally used to create websites at low cost and high quality.

Versacode understands that such software can be updated in the future, which is why our custom modifications are done under the CMS plugins/modules when possible to prevent the modifications from getting overwritten by updates.

  • WordPress

  • Drupal

  • Magento
Agile Development

Stay up to date with any changes to your software and its progress through our online panel or through chat.

Security First

We run vulnerability tests against the developed software before delivery to ensure it is safe from known attacks and ready for production.

Unit Testing

Each part of the developed software is thoroughly tested by our team to ensure that it performs as it should before delivery.

Think we can help?

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